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Remodeling Homes for the Elderly
Rebuilding Together, also known as Christmas in April, is a yearly renovation project designed to help elderly or disabled homeowners that need help with their repairs.

This video shows a complete renovation by The Village which was chosen by Rebuilding Togther as their model for the year out of all their projects. This video was also shown at their annual banquet to all of their shareholders.  The effort represented around 50 volunteers from The Village who donated their own time, energy and resources to completely remodel this home from inside and out, including new flooring, interior and exterior painting, new kitchen cabinets and appliances, new bathroom fixtures and all new home furnishings.

Building Homes in Mexico
For over a dozen years, The Village has journeyed to Baja Mexico to places such as Tijuana, La Mision, Rosarito and Enesenada to build homes for families in need. We have generally taken teams of 35-50 people who voluntarily take time off from their own jobs and contribute from their own resources to fund a homebuidling project in Mexico. These homes are fully equipped with hot water,
electricity, 3-4 bedrooms, a full kitchen and bathroom and are usually built in less than three days from start to finish! Watch the video to see it for yourself. The experince is truly life-changing!



Kid's Back to School Giveaway

The people of The Village have partnered with the City of North Las Vegas and the North Las Vegas Police Department to host our annual Back To School Giveaway every August. At these gatherings, as it not unusual to see 2000-2500 children and parents show up for a brand new, free school backpack filled with lots of school supplies. There is also a free shoe giveaway with gift certificates from area stores and a multitude of free clothing given out as well. There is also a free BBQ for everyone, free snowcones, and fun for the kids such as bounce houses  and rides. This is designed as a community gathering event in a lower income, at-risk area of Las Vegas to bring hope to the neighborhood as well as give people the opportunity to mingle with local law enforcement and fire fighters.

Kid's Back to School Giveaway II

Feeding the Homeless in Downtown Las Vegas
For over a decade, the people of
The Village have donated from their own resources and helped to feed the hungry and homeless in Las Vegas. This has taken place in various downtown locations in Las Vegas and has been done on a weekly, monthly basis for many years. The homeless have been fed hot meals such as freshly made breakfast san dwiches and hot coffee, as well as hamburgers hot off the grill with all the trimmings. In addition, a multitude of clothing has been given out. This video shows feeding on Christmas Day, which is actually a terrific day to spend the holiday. The saying is true, "It really is better to give than to get!"